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Players for clan OF_T (Офицеры-танкисты) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Evil_Van_Love [OF_T]1,513052.9%0.0%4,273
Monotonix [OF_T]1,442050.1%0.0%19,326
BaSeKe1234 [OF_T]1,370051.1%0.0%11,217
KONANPRAPOR [OF_T]1,4211,06251.0%53.3%56,968
rusgvardiistarley [OF_T]1,335050.1%0.0%50,725
Eisbear [OF_T]1,298049.4%0.0%109,341
Maxim8482 [OF_T]1,191048.7%0.0%11,064
Sanjo91 [OF_T]1,165050.7%0.0%28,529
Gefest666 [OF_T]1,203049.1%0.0%30,919
PASHASHPIL [OF_T]1,200048.4%0.0%29,248
Bugorr77 [OF_T]1,135049.6%0.0%36,575
shustrik46 [OF_T]1,052048.0%0.0%43,482
915456745 [OF_T]1,0091,88548.5%52.7%27,594
Danilschenko [OF_T]967048.2%0.0%16,805
gio1972 [OF_T]96595247.2%42.0%38,472
Vikzard [OF_T]900047.5%0.0%16,648
the_knight_1983 [OF_T]890048.0%0.0%18,214
Vlad_1000_1000_430 [OF_T]879048.3%0.0%14,598
shus_pavel [OF_T]83593048.6%50.2%42,664
sashuta98 [OF_T]774047.2%0.0%34,998
RENDI_ORTON [OF_T]773046.8%0.0%16,424
Igorjowka [OF_T]766046.6%0.0%41,633
zevran46 [OF_T]729047.6%0.0%15,642
ROSTOW_DON1977 [OF_T]738046.3%0.0%36,132
mtz1972 [OF_T]698047.1%0.0%40,609
Vasiliy__80 [OF_T]6041,23349.6%51.5%38,718
garm178rus [OF_T]613045.6%0.0%32,123
ZTimonZ [OF_T]620046.4%0.0%29,770
trijaica [OF_T]571047.4%0.0%33,720
zahar1982v [OF_T]47177144.6%51.6%10,810
Weighted average99326148.4%11.5%31,241
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