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Players for clan NAVIS (Navis new Empire) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
6aklalllaH [NAVIS]4,087062.4%0.0%6,156
DiMaC_TaHkyeT [NAVIS]4,343064.5%0.0%4,393
WiNNeR_jus [NAVIS]3,714062.3%0.0%7,414
KH9l3b_VladisIav [NAVIS]3,4282,64663.2%63.9%2,577
_J_u_s_t__do_it_ [NAVIS]3,5744,08562.6%70.1%27,231
KycTuk_6o6puka [NAVIS]3,5023,39962.8%60.6%19,755
ComBoFlush [NAVIS]3,2753,96363.5%61.1%18,042
olezhik_1997 [NAVIS]3,1023,66459.8%65.2%17,755
J0N_COFFEE [NAVIS]3,2151,46860.1%49.8%26,881
Sorry_I_am_Behind [NAVIS]3,089059.5%0.0%20,865
_Nymphomaniac_ [NAVIS]3,1803,79261.5%67.6%40,396
DeDCTATuCT [NAVIS]2,8682,50559.4%61.7%15,916
invoice [NAVIS]2,7603,11465.2%68.6%42,675
Pe4uTaTuB [NAVIS]2,652059.6%0.0%17,578
iAmarok [NAVIS]2,8183,47958.9%60.7%41,577
kuz_Z_z [NAVIS]2,684066.1%0.0%51,416
SEDNEFF [NAVIS]2,5762,66158.2%58.7%63,065
_A_F_R_O_D_I_T_A__ [NAVIS]2,5213,92958.9%69.7%83,594
Leonid86 [NAVIS]2,5312,51557.9%57.6%56,882
TAHkissTKA_174 [NAVIS]2,3242,39857.7%55.3%11,615
Zaumnik_TV [NAVIS]2,524058.9%0.0%56,586
J__u__s__t_ [NAVIS]5,575068.5%0.0%254
Monolith_8888 [NAVIS]2,0662,95956.8%64.5%27,659
___SheiH___ [NAVIS]1,8942,83453.1%58.6%35,525
gni_don [NAVIS]2,0161,95855.1%53.8%113,874
DEFENDER_DEN_40 [NAVIS]1,321051.1%0.0%36,367
Weighted average2,6062,09559.8%43.4%33,668
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