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Players for clan MA_MA (ODESSA MA_MA) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
varvar1410 [MA_MA]2,002054.0%0.0%87,023
BlackBarakuda [MA_MA]1,654051.1%0.0%48,153
RemboJohn [MA_MA]1,389052.1%0.0%20,293
Beluy_rulit [MA_MA]1,3021,17249.9%46.4%30,744
Mars500 [MA_MA]1,275051.2%0.0%11,204
Gots_man [MA_MA]1,220051.0%0.0%14,215
LaViloS [MA_MA]1,272051.1%0.0%25,214
Pasha1980 [MA_MA]1,242050.0%0.0%58,959
alex_aka_odessa [MA_MA]1,147049.6%0.0%16,538
DYDY35 [MA_MA]1,196048.1%0.0%21,822
RoMaNuCh88 [MA_MA]1,140049.3%0.0%51,744
1Rodger1 [MA_MA]1,120050.5%0.0%13,865
achilles13 [MA_MA]1,092048.6%0.0%34,399
RenamedUser_8156941 [MA_MA]1,093050.7%0.0%2,674
Veceluy95_UA [MA_MA]1,041050.0%0.0%23,470
Senechka1909 [MA_MA]1,064049.8%0.0%34,273
npo100TaH4uK [MA_MA]1,013048.7%0.0%10,133
ERICSSONm [MA_MA]1,00589649.2%47.2%23,723
Rustam4i [MA_MA]1,02193549.5%49.5%44,104
CB9TOu2012 [MA_MA]902049.4%0.0%28,150
VkVaDrAtEodessa [MA_MA]930047.9%0.0%72,645
bumeroc [MA_MA]945047.4%0.0%13,399
Chirig [MA_MA]857047.5%0.0%47,857
Aleksei_Odessa [MA_MA]807047.8%0.0%16,521
Davydov [MA_MA]809048.3%0.0%18,845
AX_ODECCA [MA_MA]720047.8%0.0%17,280
Bax1983_2018 [MA_MA]686047.0%0.0%8,630
wolf_hanter [MA_MA]659047.5%0.0%9,275
Weighted average1,19112249.8%5.9%28,755
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