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Players for clan LYK (LYK) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
MarHuToJIa_BY [LYK]2,6513,93759.7%66.5%47,739
__Kurt_Kobein__ [LYK]2,5832,63958.3%58.5%7,073
__koOLBI__ [LYK]2,578056.5%0.0%19,915
Erfinder [LYK]2,6823,96657.8%60.7%44,500
cbIH_cyTyJIou_co6aKu [LYK]2,4633,29456.5%57.6%30,837
AJIKOrOJIUK_MSK [LYK]2,405056.4%0.0%15,431
_R0SS0NeRi_ [LYK]2,396056.2%0.0%11,971
__PaShTeTiqq__ [LYK]2,289055.9%0.0%22,385
tatarin1997_________ [LYK]2,299056.6%0.0%35,582
3BoHu_nano4Ke [LYK]2,290056.8%0.0%72,501
Elfik71 [LYK]2,2581,97457.7%55.1%28,206
_Be3yMHbIU_ [LYK]2,0282,89754.1%56.5%48,573
CYPER_MEGA_FAIL [LYK]1,875055.0%0.0%16,851
Valrthrone [LYK]1,951054.1%0.0%55,575
_Aufklarungzerstorung_ [LYK]1,732053.2%0.0%18,896
salim174 [_LYK_]1,918052.1%0.0%68,947
lizo4kaLoveGood_JE [LYK]1,781053.6%0.0%31,542
Wot_cTaTist [LYK]1,6702,11951.5%51.8%9,696
10_kapaT [LYK]1,5792,43852.2%58.0%17,603
AJIJIEPrOJIOr_SPB [LYK]1,7913,06954.1%60.8%66,447
AnSkill007 [LYK]1,598052.7%0.0%26,291
6aJITuka_HoMeP_9 [LYK]1,5462,46852.5%51.7%33,529
XXFromSkript [LYK]1,439051.3%0.0%16,827
tonchic10 [LYK]1,3281,82250.3%57.1%21,603
Ma3gi_Po_Stenam [LYK]1,3642,59550.5%57.6%39,786
OLEHb_2001 [LYK]1,250049.4%0.0%39,933
From_the_screw [LYK]965049.7%0.0%16,304
Weighted average1,9771,35854.4%26.8%32,020
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