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Players for clan KULI4 (Дружина Кулича) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
konstantingladin [KULI4]1,667051.9%0.0%49,451
_vital_1990 [KULI4]1,540050.8%0.0%40,288
KERY1979 [KULI4]1,4021,92950.8%54.4%50,050
CEBACT0n0JIb [KULI4]1,405054.8%0.0%39,424
Azamat_Kayupov [KULI4]1,3532,20050.4%51.4%20,217
ABigOr_0 [KULI4]1,3781,62551.3%53.4%34,813
19andrik83 [KULI4]1,4121,66450.8%55.7%52,159
jenyaaaa [KULI4]1,393050.6%0.0%77,535
TRAK61616 [KULI4]1,412050.7%0.0%25,581
AnTuR10N [KULI4]1,2671,54449.9%48.4%37,243
Amantic [KULI4]1,243049.6%0.0%18,437
panteleymonovka [KULI4]1,28292950.3%46.2%86,428
sky8383 [KULI4]1,200049.7%0.0%27,732
ar505_2014 [KULI4]1,158048.4%0.0%37,203
Chemba83 [KULI4]1,1681,11647.9%49.3%48,450
Svarog_snajper_2015 [KULI4]1,126050.1%0.0%18,229
slava333222 [KULI4]1,1551,34750.0%48.7%70,211
DoH_KyLu4 [KULI4]1,0841,80949.3%53.4%80,909
tankist19800 [KULI4]1,0651,49249.5%50.1%56,284
ecowooddd [KULI4]1,016048.1%0.0%22,613
02_VERNYi [KULI4]9901,34648.7%51.3%25,464
DoN_Pedro_26 [KULI4]770046.8%0.0%36,045
Weighted average1,25987550.1%29.9%43,398
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