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Players for clan KOPM2 (KOPM2 - построй свой Укреп) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Sh0tnik [KOPM2]5,5087,37270.4%67.8%31,195
MeeGo [KOPM2]5,421067.8%0.0%28,875
Wilf_ [KOPM2]4,8793,97168.6%66.7%4,686
__NIDIN__ [KOPM2]5,4355,28871.0%71.6%19,384
Straik [KOPM2]5,4245,92373.6%76.1%55,361
GodLikeII [KOPM2]4,818067.3%0.0%2,367
TheAnatolich [KOPM2]4,4584,45969.0%66.1%17,666
Inspirer [KOPM2]4,8005,13171.9%69.3%46,731
Cresp1ks [KOPM2]4,2534,74465.1%63.1%55,076
BEOWULF422 [KOPM2]4,0994,48366.3%69.5%56,201
SILIK_ [KOPM2]4,2975,17465.4%68.5%34,756
Extreme_arm [KOPM2]4,0624,49269.9%67.8%46,409
TR1SS [KOPM2]4,2114,25965.3%63.3%28,042
TheZoux [KOPM2]3,8383,61767.3%60.9%28,588
FC_DYNAMO [KOPM2]3,9274,09867.6%65.6%64,243
EviL_GrannY [KOPM2]4,0064,10865.6%65.9%50,552
LeBwa [KOPM2]3,7413,09767.8%60.2%47,567
RhinoII [KOPM2]3,5732,87166.6%59.1%32,395
SlayerPro [KOPM2]3,440071.5%0.0%29,360
Stelseries [KOPM2]3,239061.1%0.0%18,555
Bullkin [KOPM2]3,5342,56764.4%54.9%49,302
The_Invoker [KOPM2]3,167061.7%0.0%24,232
rulez1k [KOPM2]3,1474,31864.8%62.4%35,632
Insight [KOPM2]3,188067.8%0.0%43,254
19CaHTuMeTPoB [KOPM2]2,8092,17963.6%60.0%34,124
FlaberTV [KOPM2]2,6542,80758.1%65.4%36,306
Weighted average4,0233,57367.0%54.9%35,417
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