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Players for clan KGBAR (BARS_KG) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Take_Kerben_1997 [KGBAR]1,7222,07651.8%52.1%12,812
_Bishkek [KGBAR]1,6381,69452.8%50.7%12,826
marsovich_azamat [KGBAR]1,5021,69951.2%49.9%43,574
beka_86_86 [KGBAR]1,4011,98350.9%53.4%23,674
KIRGIZ2235 [KGBAR]1,3061,32451.1%53.3%16,944
nurskg9208 [KGBAR]1,297051.0%0.0%12,265
jindi_xD [KGBAR]1,2751,53450.2%49.0%10,134
max_20009 [KGBAR]1,248050.3%0.0%26,418
eleman_0001_19921 [KGBAR]1,2351,08450.8%49.0%6,033
aiba_bishkek [KGBAR]1,2481,12148.7%45.5%26,584
969602 [KGBAR]1,198049.2%0.0%19,718
chyi18 [KGBAR]1,245048.0%0.0%81,591
Omko_Voin [KGBAR]1,1381,05449.8%45.8%36,165
zloi_tank_03 [KGBAR]1,1381,25650.4%49.2%54,107
tankstech [KGBAR]1,074048.2%0.0%36,001
Mixryxa [KGBAR]949048.2%0.0%27,605
shami2013 [KGBAR]9561,31347.6%49.7%61,995
iskender_ulanbekuulu [KGBAR]9121,27949.2%50.5%33,562
mergen_67 [KGBAR]78597848.3%49.0%39,775
ulan74 [KGBAR]75298246.8%48.8%22,815
Weighted average1,15388549.3%32.8%30,229
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