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Players for clan KAT (Киевская Ассоциация Танкистов) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
2paha2 [KAT]2,601057.3%0.0%18,971
beavis9 [KAT]2,180059.6%0.0%37,953
MAKAPEBu4 [KAT]2,063055.9%0.0%25,586
UAxLegenda [KAT]1,895053.6%0.0%27,054
ChainLightning [KAT]1,824053.5%0.0%32,992
AkssVA [KAT]1,742054.3%0.0%25,285
koka75 [KAT]1,7731,45553.2%56.3%75,081
rarehawk [KAT]1,697052.4%0.0%27,753
Ponterus [KAT]1,708052.2%0.0%59,176
_kycToDpoT_bro [KAT]1,5571,95652.2%55.2%33,320
Danidla [KAT]1,647053.2%0.0%21,275
Big_Garri [KAT]1,591051.3%0.0%44,192
sasha8811 [KAT]1,5251,62352.5%51.6%53,136
odesit_voin [KAT]1,38683950.6%47.2%40,260
Lolimass [KAT]1,3541,19850.1%45.5%48,884
Ljaon [KAT]1,277050.1%0.0%40,462
3_A_Y_A [KAT]1,250049.6%0.0%32,278
VeniVici [KAT]1,235049.3%0.0%64,292
krasava14111989 [KAT]1,232050.0%0.0%33,171
gorbachnik [KAT]1,213049.3%0.0%35,918
CrAzZzY_tAn4iK [KAT]1,189051.2%0.0%15,292
E39 [KAT]1,132051.5%0.0%17,773
Vaha711 [KAT]1,142050.2%0.0%31,400
koreha [KAT]959048.5%0.0%30,092
vasul23ua [KAT]81897447.7%48.0%10,942
pepelatz2013 [KAT]685047.0%0.0%16,146
Weighted average1,51044851.8%16.1%34,257
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