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Players for clan HOLTK (Holders of licenses to kill) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Archi789 [HOLTK]2,337056.8%0.0%49,207
y3HuK_B_KPoCaX [HOLTK]2,235055.5%0.0%15,941
Leon2311 [HOLTK]2,0661,99856.3%55.2%71,179
Rocky__90 [HOLTK]1,9902,43353.4%56.3%28,322
Red_White1 [HOLTK]1,746052.8%0.0%20,972
TeaDan [HOLTK]1,8532,59154.3%53.3%11,087
GJlaB6yX [HOLTK]1,8841,70153.9%52.9%29,215
waltgor [HOLTK]1,8712,21952.9%53.4%49,198
kalibas_ [HOLTK]1,6322,21950.4%53.5%57,440
__J_O_H_A__ [HOLTK]1,5272,14650.6%54.4%52,715
JgrKo [HOLTK]1,4701,85850.8%54.6%15,108
A1_BaLiT [HOLTK]1,5762,16451.4%51.1%72,006
BOBAH___007 [HOLTK]1,434051.4%0.0%19,148
_JleHT9lu [HOLTK]1,330050.8%0.0%5,628
Girion [HOLTK]1,356051.5%0.0%49,764
Jekie_Dung [HOLTK]1,3392,15050.6%56.8%22,430
Kain_Stif [HOLTK]1,356051.3%0.0%35,154
one__aloner [HOLTK]1,370052.0%0.0%64,667
Yrik_T90 [HOLTK]1,3611,48450.3%47.2%57,505
seregabf [HOLTK]1,2821,64048.7%54.9%74,064
JIOLLIADKA_B_nOJIOCKy [HOLTK]1,1861,35250.1%50.6%44,590
_Kromestar_ [HOLTK]1,021047.8%0.0%8,527
Vanger_klg [HOLTK]1,032048.9%0.0%13,590
Silverian [HOLTK]962048.4%0.0%31,781
Weighted average1,5751,26651.8%34.5%37,468
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