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Players for clan GHWAR (Ghost of War) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
anhydricus [GHWAR]2,4091,91357.7%55.1%23,165
lorud98 [GHWAR]1,9262,25653.9%51.9%19,057
Alenberger [GHWAR]1,808053.5%0.0%18,757
muraim [GHWAR]1,791054.9%0.0%47,037
DeCrypt0r [GHWAR]1,696053.4%0.0%17,237
kamekaza [GHWAR]1,6111,17253.9%50.6%21,951
JI0w0k [GHWAR]1,472050.9%0.0%1,026
zhang1980 [GHWAR]1,4111,71254.9%49.0%21,807
wrfdsgfdszg [GHWAR]1,3491,57150.3%51.1%8,131
aaaKimberly [GHWAR]1,352052.6%0.0%21,131
MiraD0 [GHWAR]1,281050.4%0.0%7,445
Fenekss [GHWAR]1,3161,81950.2%56.0%20,572
romashka5665 [GHWAR]1,295051.1%0.0%19,896
D_e_m__o_N [GHWAR]1,2781,20252.3%47.5%27,071
StalinFunclub_Zevaka [GHWAR]1,2611,03252.8%49.2%15,785
DoPPe_DoD [GHWAR]1,245049.9%0.0%24,416
bROLLIy__ICyRuTb___ [GHWAR]1,1631,11952.4%49.0%12,811
drift91 [GHWAR]1,1451,02848.4%55.4%34,368
Dima_iv37ru [GHWAR]1,079050.6%0.0%21,713
zanuda14 [GHWAR]1,077049.1%0.0%24,532
Tommy_Mauser [GHWAR]9881,21449.0%48.6%14,926
kharlashkin [GHWAR]932050.1%0.0%23,472
Oleygen [GHWAR]913049.7%0.0%5,284
Shusya [GHWAR]752047.6%0.0%63,208
GOLD_BYDET_MOIM [GHWAR]58899347.1%51.4%12,406
Weighted average1,31862551.4%22.7%21,088
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