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Players for clan G-LEE (Confederate Rebels) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
12345vlad12345fd [G-LEE]2,2622,62154.7%54.7%13,830
Acromaniac [G-LEE]2,167055.6%0.0%10,763
_BOSCH_ [G-LEE]2,042055.6%0.0%35,101
zanudaBTP [G-LEE]2,023054.6%0.0%21,032
trayoner [G-LEE]1,690054.5%0.0%25,037
bachelu [G-LEE]1,6811,24451.7%46.5%54,175
GorinichNT [G-LEE]1,655053.4%0.0%54,115
Udavgi86 [G-LEE]1,8692,05656.8%65.0%35,664
111969 [G-LEE]1,536052.5%0.0%43,277
paul_667 [G-LEE]1,492052.3%0.0%13,205
HaNibalOfDeaD [G-LEE]1,5382,22151.6%52.6%19,456
Smeagol11 [G-LEE]1,5371,24151.7%51.2%29,153
aleks_ger [G-LEE]1,538052.2%0.0%15,810
_Twin_Turbo_ [G-LEE]1,576050.9%0.0%24,928
Obrigaska [G-LEE]1,426052.3%0.0%14,889
nikobar [G-LEE]1,473051.5%0.0%21,075
Dima5203 [G-LEE]1,4201,09750.5%50.1%43,858
44_Trap_44 [G-LEE]1,435054.3%0.0%23,096
Urshymskii [G-LEE]1,418052.2%0.0%13,818
shahmat [G-LEE]1,30570051.4%50.5%25,622
garyk111 [G-LEE]1,350049.7%0.0%30,779
Blackbird008 [G-LEE]1,343052.2%0.0%8,037
BigiMax [G-LEE]1,320050.6%0.0%19,698
Stifa [G-LEE]1,291049.8%0.0%28,385
Shadow_of_day [G-LEE]1,196050.8%0.0%6,866
Vitalik_Tankist [G-LEE]1,1851,27051.6%50.7%16,004
dinicole [G-LEE]1,136049.4%0.0%8,530
karaorm [G-LEE]1,119051.7%0.0%15,180
UuvuLuu [G-LEE]1,120050.3%0.0%14,625
serzh8209 [G-LEE]690047.7%0.0%32,191
Weighted average1,51545252.3%16.4%24,460
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