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Players for clan FIWA (ОГНЕННАЯ ВОДА) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
9_He_Tpyc_Ho_9_6oIOcb [FIWA]2,7472,72959.2%61.7%5,116
Basan12 [FIWA]2,059052.5%0.0%79,932
Yuza228 [FIWA]1,932053.9%0.0%32,938
alenssss [FIWA]1,570052.9%0.0%27,014
NONA2C9 [FIWA]1,582051.6%0.0%24,890
Angrei1222 [FIWA]1,4911,74251.5%51.5%61,020
LeGa1221 [FIWA]1,447052.8%0.0%23,378
vaz_64 [FIWA]1,4111,65950.6%49.5%37,342
zhe375 [FIWA]1,4371,67250.9%53.8%21,746
mangyst13 [FIWA]1,4521,51451.3%50.6%47,225
forward5 [FIWA]1,4201,10350.5%51.1%48,994
petrournon [FIWA]1,252048.6%0.0%36,598
svetV [FIWA]1,139050.9%0.0%12,695
1MegaNagibator1 [FIWA]1,193049.1%0.0%37,993
FlREF0X [FIWA]1,226050.6%0.0%29,897
Vitya2711 [FIWA]1,2051,41048.5%50.3%53,757
shymaherys [FIWA]1,0651,05348.6%48.8%40,566
pe4al777 [FIWA]994047.7%0.0%10,736
ALEX44975 [FIWA]1,04890148.1%47.7%54,234
petbul [FIWA]9531,05247.3%46.2%43,208
shushserg [FIWA]951048.1%0.0%43,329
A_S_L_A_H [FIWA]63982046.8%48.0%24,015
Weighted average1,36472450.2%27.4%36,210
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