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Players for clan F-J (Интербригада "Вольные стрелки") on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
IQ70 [F-J]3,0672,56458.1%57.8%6,192
expert_killer [F-J]2,843063.8%0.0%16,658
Offizierstellvertreter [F-J]2,756061.0%0.0%53,813
iMeeHard [F-J]2,6383,02661.4%62.8%37,326
TBOU__rOCnODUH [F-J]2,6872,75163.8%60.8%34,689
Marokha [F-J]2,644058.1%0.0%32,178
DiMa_S_1996 [F-J]2,407057.1%0.0%71,981
1Sort [F-J]2,3962,38360.0%56.7%86,200
Frei_Jedi [F-J]2,258064.9%0.0%14,490
MaGa__ApEcToKpAT [F-J]2,520057.9%0.0%9,223
mer1n [F-J]2,388057.7%0.0%30,475
Sereggga20 [F-J]2,3563,20555.0%60.5%40,020
SentinelHell [F-J]2,307058.6%0.0%64,115
He_uM6a_ [F-J]2,196054.8%0.0%39,972
war27 [F-J]2,231059.4%0.0%43,656
DarkMelkor [F-J]2,207057.9%0.0%54,013
HACTABHUK_B_KYCTAX [F-J]2,167057.3%0.0%52,163
BCE_TAM_BYDEM [F-J]2,1391,36054.5%50.4%6,374
Lavrey [F-J]2,1741,49957.2%50.3%51,715
Shustro [F-J]2,098059.4%0.0%49,859
CECS87 [F-J]1,966058.9%0.0%51,393
htv7s [F-J]2,1051,81757.5%58.1%49,840
HandsomeDeviI [F-J]1,948052.6%0.0%40,030
x_Thomas_x [F-J]2,0231,52857.6%53.4%58,957
bPOHEBuK_86_RUS [F-J]2,013053.1%0.0%98,577
69rusMAIKL [F-J]1,8912,10153.1%56.6%71,066
_Maf0n_ [F-J]1,588052.8%0.0%22,481
Weighted average2,24282057.5%21.1%43,979
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