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Players for clan EVL_G (EviL GoD) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
boblle [EVL_G]2,1643,10853.9%58.6%51,765
SMACHNIY88 [EVL_G]1,9211,94754.4%58.7%48,923
im_Bad_Ganik [EVL_G]1,9212,31253.6%55.2%20,173
__Dimon4ik___2016 [EVL_G]1,884054.8%0.0%8,432
zloi_voin_v_tanke [EVL_G]1,9472,22952.5%52.5%99,016
Henkoks_ru [EVL_G]1,8691,82354.0%54.0%24,730
DIRACOL [EVL_G]1,8821,64354.7%51.8%27,836
ivan24_86 [EVL_G]1,7951,98953.6%49.7%45,728
Alcatraz0701 [EVL_G]1,7642,29552.1%47.7%59,110
turovmaks [EVL_G]1,733052.6%0.0%27,840
Dimon27111994 [EVL_G]1,5922,23151.1%54.5%29,039
_CKOPEE_B_KYCT [EVL_G]1,6761,96255.5%59.9%12,829
3893 [EVL_G]1,7101,91152.3%53.4%48,053
Direktor_game [EVL_G]1,713054.6%0.0%16,812
den4ik19992 [EVL_G]1,679051.8%0.0%47,770
BOPOH_XAOC [EVL_G]1,679053.2%0.0%57,596
yxo4ebypawku [EVL_G]1,5842,12252.6%59.6%42,517
Fisherstar10 [EVL_G]1,599051.3%0.0%104,959
lVarfolomeyl [EVL_G]1,6251,53553.8%56.3%28,833
_Zer0_HouR_ [EVL_G]1,593051.7%0.0%59,259
TeRn0p1L [EVL_G]1,643052.1%0.0%33,317
SAN9_L_BLR [EVL_G]1,638052.8%0.0%38,425
_Sanya__online_ [EVL_G]1,563053.5%0.0%4,695
Ausvan [EVL_G]1,5431,20452.4%50.5%38,516
leitenant1989 [EVL_G]1,602051.7%0.0%43,192
asasin9909 [EVL_G]1,620051.8%0.0%59,675
Ant0wik [EVL_G]1,421051.2%0.0%33,760
Weighted average1,7231,08252.6%27.9%41,214
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