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Players for clan ELC_X (Рандомное стадо бешеных ёлок!!!) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ALEX_24cm [ELC_X]7,329078.0%0.0%10,264
Juggernaut_unreal [ELC_X]2,961062.7%0.0%51,341
Zhenek_ZAHAROV [ELC_X]2,846061.1%0.0%9,146
201denis2013 [ELC_X]2,094057.6%0.0%19,811
UTNJIN3ATOP [ELC_X]2,6852,58260.2%60.0%1,209
OIIacHa9l_eJlka [ELC_X]2,923057.0%0.0%1,339
stalker1771 [ELC_X]2,0612,20754.1%54.7%33,788
Gold_Zerro [ELC_X]1,8612,44757.4%62.6%24,731
adanil001 [ELC_X]1,830055.0%0.0%22,214
GeorgiMaliev [ELC_X]1,8141,59456.5%54.0%111,105
samuelmahito [ELC_X]1,8172,09253.6%56.2%63,419
AK_42rus [ELC_X]1,744054.2%0.0%28,740
St_Arhangeel [ELC_X]1,6062,04851.4%52.2%22,908
BUKATSOV [ELC_X]1,6402,17153.8%61.4%23,415
Ar4e_Bald [ELC_X]1,610051.5%0.0%34,793
Meroq [ELC_X]1,545052.7%0.0%11,980
topor668 [ELC_X]1,4471,35651.7%50.0%38,435
Igopek_ [ELC_X]1,443052.4%0.0%17,627
TTayKaH [ELC_X]1,416054.1%0.0%5,918
TANKIST041198 [ELC_X]1,3752,18251.8%53.4%22,227
Grinfos [ELC_X]1,3771,89852.3%56.5%66,351
_F_l_e_k_S_ [ELC_X]1,2971,07653.5%52.3%24,689
bss82 [ELC_X]1,3062,00251.2%54.0%54,578
artem_lg [ELC_X]1,259052.4%0.0%27,468
tochanyc [ELC_X]1,134050.1%0.0%15,993
Adalid42ru [ELC_X]959053.8%0.0%4,812
007bondajent [ELC_X]1,0321,03550.0%49.0%27,744
zbr90 [ELC_X]979050.3%0.0%16,791
Weighted average1,7561,18254.4%35.5%28,315
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