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Players for clan DOLF (Daring - Officers - Legend - Fighters) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
GpEIiIiIHuK [DOLF]2,157056.1%0.0%17,095
DOLF2002 [DOLF]2,1412,06453.5%53.8%54,114
v_Devastator_v [DOLF]1,760052.2%0.0%28,926
Vadim_razrushitel_11 [DOLF]1,519051.7%0.0%29,676
rgewskii [DOLF]1,566051.3%0.0%51,872
Xelding [DOLF]1,642050.6%0.0%36,281
Hunter_ukr [DOLF]1,606051.1%0.0%20,610
vovanvol [DOLF]1,473049.9%0.0%84,499
Borik1302 [DOLF]1,543050.9%0.0%65,874
seruy97 [DOLF]1,499051.1%0.0%16,461
mahita2 [DOLF]1,4271,54050.7%47.9%73,019
777ginekolog777 [DOLF]1,479050.4%0.0%51,145
Craftstar [DOLF]1,407050.3%0.0%32,363
RedMan79 [DOLF]1,3821,98649.7%60.6%51,700
severea1979 [DOLF]1,310048.6%0.0%68,621
Masik666 [DOLF]1,338049.6%0.0%14,090
PhantoM_zp_ua_ [DOLF]1,3071,14349.3%49.2%52,672
OLEGGROM [DOLF]1,321048.8%0.0%45,452
9LENIN9 [DOLF]1,276051.8%0.0%24,516
Maks_50_ [DOLF]1,226048.3%0.0%13,317
mr_Zays [DOLF]1,205049.6%0.0%41,840
2656 [DOLF]1,228048.6%0.0%50,324
sidorjv2011 [DOLF]1,172049.2%0.0%20,853
zokhid [DOLF]1,173049.8%0.0%36,769
podbivayshii [DOLF]1,15199648.8%49.0%46,985
cpt_Smolett [DOLF]1,165049.1%0.0%19,418
zzloy87 [DOLF]1,182047.8%0.0%5,474
gvardiol [DOLF]1,000047.9%0.0%36,600
zherdst [DOLF]987048.5%0.0%35,804
tema_s [DOLF]1,000047.4%0.0%18,908
vovabro [DOLF]1,022049.2%0.0%62,163
CLIPS77 [DOLF]1,02298547.6%47.6%68,318
mysson76 [DOLF]977048.3%0.0%48,895
AC_DC1973 [DOLF]1,001047.8%0.0%40,343
Ded_Mehanik [DOLF]970046.8%0.0%69,161
Xarlez [DOLF]867047.6%0.0%35,083
depn [DOLF]86959847.1%44.9%59,892
VUK8 [DOLF]821047.5%0.0%21,409
Liinad007 [DOLF]810044.9%0.0%21,741
Weighted average1,28234149.4%13.0%40,314
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