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Players for clan DF777 (Смертельный Отряд 777) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_KPACAB41K____ua [DF777]2,838061.0%0.0%4,194
Chapaev_boy [DF777]1,9811,94453.3%53.0%21,304
Vitalik_5000 [DF777]1,5601,74252.1%53.2%16,341
TEJIEMAKC [DF777]1,591051.8%0.0%33,473
poryadinevgenii95 [DF777]1,4551,96650.6%54.7%16,176
trener2525 [DF777]1,4501,81750.1%51.8%41,630
Deniska3535 [DF777]1,338050.0%0.0%39,338
OKyHb0k [DF777]1,192049.8%0.0%14,885
Pridnestrovec2 [DF777]1,235050.9%0.0%14,790
___BIN___ [DF777]1,189050.6%0.0%12,350
Santygo2112 [DF777]1,189051.0%0.0%45,596
prorok_voin_13 [DF777]1,206048.3%0.0%30,307
pashoklee [DF777]1,189049.6%0.0%32,188
cTaPu40k_TPOJIb [DF777]1,188049.8%0.0%20,455
kent120588 [DF777]1,1451,41448.6%50.0%22,094
ALKAH40 [DF777]1,008049.0%0.0%12,540
AKSAI_NURGA [DF777]1,006048.8%0.0%17,905
perun668 [DF777]1,004048.3%0.0%20,303
Fakstrod888 [DF777]912050.7%0.0%2,735
strizhekb [DF777]911049.3%0.0%27,708
cptnFL1NT [DF777]929048.5%0.0%15,827
Alex712rus [DF777]936047.4%0.0%9,225
ivan_dubolon [DF777]851048.3%0.0%15,622
keshoo11 [DF777]833048.2%0.0%26,683
1941_MONTER_1945 [DF777]85797447.0%44.0%16,182
limon_368 [DF777]71280746.7%48.5%16,738
mityusha_prokofev [DF777]706047.7%0.0%15,485
TOR_BOG_GROMA_ [DF777]692045.8%0.0%16,142
174Axe [DF777]72596946.8%52.5%19,351
nCuX_301 [DF777]58481446.7%44.4%28,179
MARL_KZ [DF777]397045.8%0.0%8,780
Weighted average1,13244149.3%15.7%20,468
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