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Players for clan D-TP (Дикий танковый полк) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ZaharovEgor [D-TP]1,955053.2%0.0%29,092
Frostyque [D-TP]1,665051.5%0.0%9,454
stiratel93 [D-TP]1,6481,72452.0%56.2%62,148
Romka9463 [D-TP]1,548050.9%0.0%30,701
SeriyLuch [D-TP]1,541052.9%0.0%32,239
lukavi4 [D-TP]1,463052.2%0.0%41,434
Tankzone [D-TP]1,492051.8%0.0%27,967
tankist_str [D-TP]1,500051.0%0.0%18,629
Evgen1380 [D-TP]1,545050.3%0.0%23,312
TAHKBAHO [D-TP]1,445052.4%0.0%34,618
virus_rzn [D-TP]1,459052.9%0.0%16,589
denger162064 [D-TP]1,384050.4%0.0%20,623
CaxaBobenko1 [D-TP]1,351050.8%0.0%38,026
KJLIM [D-TP]1,323051.2%0.0%14,490
Alexej_Bal [D-TP]1,243049.7%0.0%18,323
Andrey33377 [D-TP]1,239049.7%0.0%20,162
McGIGGS [D-TP]1,2491,38649.2%47.4%54,918
miheyst [D-TP]1,190049.0%0.0%12,350
NNAAAMM [D-TP]1,2091,45650.3%52.6%41,512
vettnam [D-TP]1,087049.7%0.0%3,320
04eHb_KoBapeH [D-TP]1,111050.8%0.0%6,709
good_11ke161rus [D-TP]1,042049.0%0.0%6,977
Beelain007 [D-TP]936047.8%0.0%24,057
Urichik [D-TP]891047.3%0.0%17,847
__Mister_Tvister__ [D-TP]782052.7%0.0%909
morskoy_zmey_2 [D-TP]822049.2%0.0%14,580
Chief2008 [D-TP]840047.4%0.0%46,308
porhpumer [D-TP]744047.2%0.0%19,708
__Vulkan__ [D-TP]726046.3%0.0%24,783
SIRIKS [D-TP]658046.8%0.0%10,460
zem93 [D-TP]653048.1%0.0%11,065
__danik [D-TP]56458246.0%45.9%15,245
MAPX [D-TP]372046.1%0.0%11,970
Weighted average1,26433250.2%11.8%23,046
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