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Players for clan CTPAX (-=ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЕ ВОЛКИ=-) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_MEP3OCTb_ [CTPAX]2,2612,43755.9%58.1%42,709
mikola2003 [CTPAX]1,917054.0%0.0%31,572
__4yk__ [CTPAX]1,814051.7%0.0%48,711
serega1212013 [CTPAX]1,687053.4%0.0%10,574
npecc [CTPAX]1,6541,18253.4%52.6%31,708
star_pirates [CTPAX]1,5641,64951.9%50.2%26,753
Kostya21071990 [CTPAX]1,607050.6%0.0%31,838
DrAntibiotik [CTPAX]1,5421,80150.3%54.7%61,652
Ven_74 [CTPAX]1,527054.0%0.0%26,790
Nagibator_Zhur [CTPAX]1,42058449.7%48.5%31,443
macheta97 [CTPAX]1,3712,19949.8%54.2%43,555
vdv98j [CTPAX]1,330052.0%0.0%21,166
GORbINbICH87 [CTPAX]1,302050.2%0.0%23,591
KOT_B_H0CKAX [CTPAX]1,318050.4%0.0%9,696
Yuri_Suslov [CTPAX]1,229048.3%0.0%48,119
Falcon225 [CTPAX]1,110051.0%0.0%15,622
vladislav325 [CTPAX]1,092047.9%0.0%12,322
DANKODENIS [CTPAX]1,034049.1%0.0%11,057
fireface3715 [CTPAX]995050.1%0.0%11,889
brandmaster [CTPAX]1,019049.9%0.0%19,879
_APTABOD_XJiOi7 [CTPAX]1,021048.4%0.0%1,716
sipDen4ik [CTPAX]8801,31747.7%51.2%28,910
Methew25 [CTPAX]845048.6%0.0%22,170
ford14 [CTPAX]506046.2%0.0%7,559
Weighted average1,45672351.0%22.9%25,875
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