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Players for clan CRRU (Центральный район РОССИU) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
GeneralSAVA98 [CRRU]1,438052.3%0.0%21,102
2134132 [CRRU]1,4551,83352.4%52.1%87,046
Zmey_143 [CRRU]1,405050.0%0.0%22,308
hstyrm [CRRU]1,4131,76049.9%52.0%48,062
2013afrorobot2013 [CRRU]1,326050.2%0.0%12,929
Abigor1988 [CRRU]1,362050.0%0.0%23,312
AdamsJR [CRRU]1,296050.5%0.0%24,946
CaMbIu_KjlaCHbIu [CRRU]1,267051.7%0.0%10,049
samchyx [CRRU]1,2821,36051.6%45.6%54,512
Pensait [CRRU]1,189051.1%0.0%28,301
lexa36uf [CRRU]1,191049.8%0.0%28,675
Smershh45 [CRRU]1,171050.6%0.0%39,891
aleksey_negodnik [CRRU]1,2751,28648.8%50.8%67,554
ARTEFAKT___ [CRRU]1,225050.0%0.0%51,955
Alaska1982 [CRRU]1,139050.1%0.0%22,945
sergei20041977 [CRRU]1,1841,11349.0%47.8%41,703
_Wolfshade_ [CRRU]1,095049.5%0.0%36,165
Smershh [CRRU]1,078049.4%0.0%39,852
hourse1974s [CRRU]1,0761,11349.9%52.5%43,804
rob_333 [CRRU]1,104049.3%0.0%27,228
Wolf_799 [CRRU]1,075048.1%0.0%13,620
Demsci [CRRU]1,035049.8%0.0%50,426
cravter [CRRU]9771,35449.1%51.2%10,233
Amga13 [CRRU]956048.6%0.0%19,670
Zeus_893 [CRRU]9301,11948.8%50.8%34,715
alehandro_kenig [CRRU]9511,09747.7%51.4%27,887
Husqvarna_07 [CRRU]9041,05748.3%48.5%68,679
kyslyi_81 [CRRU]853048.1%0.0%25,785
Sasha_Golovach_89 [CRRU]76391448.1%40.4%19,904
PROMITEY19780422 [CRRU]66662347.5%44.5%29,464
Weighted average1,15567149.8%25.6%34,424
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