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Players for clan CBUH_ (Поросята-Ниндзя !) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BFG_0_0 [CBUH_]2,3772,99857.7%64.8%37,896
Klen34__ [CBUH_]2,1622,43855.4%53.8%20,149
CnAcubo_B6P_3a_KoMaHDy [CBUH_]2,215059.0%0.0%53,883
Buzzzzzz [CBUH_]1,976053.5%0.0%57,905
skannaks [CBUH_]1,887055.0%0.0%42,669
FoRcEEEE [CBUH_]1,627052.8%0.0%11,511
sanek123russ [CBUH_]1,654052.9%0.0%11,418
Arudie [CBUH_]1,632054.3%0.0%37,690
WAALERA35RUS [CBUH_]1,611052.0%0.0%35,531
shift77724 [CBUH_]1,5981,89151.2%53.4%30,134
MrSnoopy777 [CBUH_]1,535051.0%0.0%24,078
weorel [CBUH_]1,595052.5%0.0%13,118
tychina_serg [CBUH_]1,4391,50552.0%48.8%32,926
Yxogum0ropogamu [CBUH_]1,4321,25952.4%51.9%31,881
artem192002 [CBUH_]1,362049.9%0.0%21,402
__KOT__MAIKUN [CBUH_]1,288052.0%0.0%28,944
vov4ik290 [CBUH_]1,376049.1%0.0%38,336
Simply0789 [CBUH_]1,344051.8%0.0%12,843
Honey__ [CBUH_]1,295050.1%0.0%29,533
tema040188 [CBUH_]1,375051.4%0.0%48,150
bort_538 [CBUH_]1,3131,15548.8%39.2%23,770
Knayz_Rastishkin_BY [CBUH_]1,2291,48847.8%52.6%18,680
grixa163 [CBUH_]1,161049.6%0.0%20,093
kok1a [CBUH_]1,146049.3%0.0%16,314
weretas [CBUH_]1,1331,16048.6%48.5%114,417
PRiIiDE [CBUH_]1,0881,49948.9%51.2%27,212
lew01 [CBUH_]1,069049.4%0.0%27,332
Weighted average1,53162051.9%19.9%32,141
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