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Players for clan CARE (Заботливые Пчёлки) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
PABLO47 [CARE]2,7933,53058.6%64.4%38,633
vitamin225 [CARE]2,5172,29758.6%55.7%34,248
Ruslan_2902 [CARE]2,3842,76757.1%60.7%14,106
Kirill_A [CARE]2,295062.6%0.0%26,536
Steelgor [CARE]2,2602,21157.4%58.2%57,255
almoft [CARE]2,211056.3%0.0%31,761
mazgar [CARE]2,2472,46756.5%58.2%53,705
Pe3uDelHlT [CARE]2,1781,53157.3%56.2%9,085
____Unnamed [CARE]2,0911,76662.4%53.5%12,823
Tanchik_514 [CARE]1,992055.6%0.0%9,464
_mobi_ [CARE]2,1322,45555.3%54.5%67,603
_Ministry_of_Sound_ [CARE]2,1412,21853.6%50.5%24,332
ToBaPuIII_MauoP [CARE]2,026056.4%0.0%47,267
WildCat_by [CARE]1,8991,91857.8%58.3%39,685
ap_lis [CARE]1,8191,63356.5%53.0%20,050
M9lco_KyKyWonKa [CARE]2,0351,65054.0%50.5%11,590
Dmitriy_Skapen [CARE]1,8701,99053.4%55.4%55,460
Amok_Shark [CARE]1,8251,96952.9%56.0%39,903
hartil [CARE]1,793054.9%0.0%43,009
_DuBaHHblu_CneuHa3_ [CARE]1,8081,68454.6%55.0%47,429
_AnokaJIuncuc_ [CARE]1,649053.2%0.0%29,820
hranitel05 [CARE]1,305051.0%0.0%32,661
Weighted average2,0541,56355.9%39.8%33,928
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