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Players for clan 4PRO (For Professional) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Strelok_I_WOT [4PRO]2,860061.0%0.0%20,879
CherkasovS [4PRO]2,2572,22358.0%56.9%4,719
megablaster2012 [4PRO]1,879053.1%0.0%28,180
Prizrak__2016_aleksin [4PRO]1,755054.9%0.0%7,116
TruenoAE [4PRO]1,597050.7%0.0%17,665
EvgenFastman [4PRO]1,6421,63354.9%56.2%34,384
MaPu_Erge [4PRO]1,6052,07551.7%54.6%27,214
vlad49249 [4PRO]1,570051.3%0.0%72,917
Maks_nenadejnyj [4PRO]1,604051.9%0.0%21,655
Arti_kz [4PRO]1,531051.4%0.0%20,888
Nickel_west [4PRO]1,472050.8%0.0%29,251
DVS24 [4PRO]1,358051.4%0.0%14,330
Joker____RUS [4PRO]1,407051.9%0.0%25,654
Red405 [4PRO]1,4791,58951.8%48.8%41,653
SeKir_bASHka_84 [4PRO]1,417051.1%0.0%28,809
15aleksandr [4PRO]1,435051.2%0.0%40,502
maxx197305 [4PRO]1,3821,38051.2%49.5%53,490
sparco3 [4PRO]1,403050.5%0.0%11,905
woin69 [4PRO]1,3791,56750.3%52.6%70,754
KOBRA_29BEL [4PRO]1,2801,89850.6%53.0%18,250
Kyccko [4PRO]1,3951,49550.8%48.1%49,019
alex3462 [4PRO]1,4031,74450.0%45.5%72,075
PYCTAM_TM [4PRO]1,3051,76650.1%53.5%10,352
Traleybys [4PRO]1,252048.3%0.0%18,598
taner13 [4PRO]1,1971,31850.0%56.6%26,626
MUSTIFF_13 [4PRO]1,204049.5%0.0%78,109
aptik100 [4PRO]1,1631,75949.6%53.9%45,840
schaman005 [4PRO]1,201049.7%0.0%56,417
Weighted average1,44678351.1%24.5%33,830
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