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Players for clan 4CV (4CV) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Stratostrat2 [4CV]2,469057.0%0.0%31,135
_T67_3aTawuT [4CV]3,4182,54170.3%58.6%18,054
Anton_BATONz [4CV]2,372055.8%0.0%28,567
Goldpapik999 [4CV]1,913054.0%0.0%24,354
Restoratr [4CV]2,077056.0%0.0%12,234
You_Not_You_Very [4CV]1,848052.8%0.0%16,391
dimchik36rus [4CV]1,894054.7%0.0%34,471
romeo211 [4CV]1,9351,81854.3%53.2%32,167
igrok_v_kustax_2016 [4CV]2,564061.3%0.0%23,749
killer100_ [4CV]1,7741,98852.3%55.0%92,792
KRbIM82 [4CV]1,790052.5%0.0%12,254
Toaren [4CV]1,675051.1%0.0%25,220
PanzerWurger [4CV]2,147066.6%0.0%16,349
FrankDrebben [4CV]1,6722,83651.6%60.0%23,430
Shmatkuna [4CV]1,5611,73551.8%53.1%23,895
CYDARb_Bbl_RAK [4CV]1,5641,42653.1%53.2%31,816
_ya_r_ik_ [4CV]1,515051.7%0.0%37,176
d_e_v_i_d7771 [4CV]1,491052.1%0.0%27,492
Amal_98 [4CV]1,507051.4%0.0%19,601
vova220475 [4CV]1,468051.4%0.0%51,417
BogKratos [4CV]1,517051.2%0.0%41,685
tankist57rus_2014 [4CV]1,4421,64351.1%50.7%49,090
3KRIVBAS [4CV]1,3491,71250.0%55.8%64,365
Roveryzee [4CV]1,2811,85649.7%55.7%26,286
Orehegor [4CV]1,235050.8%0.0%24,036
eriksusik [4CV]1,113048.3%0.0%8,047
Petro_Sagaydachniy [4CV]1,128049.4%0.0%28,875
Vodila86 [4CV]1,1212,32047.8%57.1%77,197
Miha_Jeka [4CV]45038147.1%46.1%777
Weighted average1,66495452.6%26.8%31,135
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