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Players for clan 3AMRI (Замри! Сопротивление бесполезно!) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Jimp [3AMRI]2,033054.2%0.0%80,104
TAURUS_67 [TTAM]1,817050.4%0.0%23,588
C_T_A_JI_K_E_R [3AMRI]1,714052.3%0.0%39,795
fionin [3AMRI]1,648055.1%0.0%14,854
Eugene_Marel [3AMRI]1,6481,78052.5%56.5%28,688
kovarnyibesty [3AMRI]1,7981,08752.8%49.1%46,912
GovermentPC [3AMRI]1,631051.4%0.0%53,226
BOOOOM138 [3AMRI]1,696052.5%0.0%47,134
grishuk1993 [3AMRI]1,5861,96951.9%51.4%41,260
FOX68_2014 [3AMRI]1,606051.5%0.0%43,830
Fokysnik_06 [3AMRI]1,5921,49452.2%53.2%21,074
azoma [3AMRI]1,4991,90851.7%56.2%43,601
mm75 [3AMRI]1,4682,40750.9%58.0%38,356
www14_2014 [3AMRI]1,3951,60950.1%50.2%34,057
menko_13 [3AMRI]1,332050.2%0.0%39,178
k610 [3AMRI]1,3261,26549.3%49.1%36,673
vlaslav20051 [3AMRI]1,2911,40951.1%52.0%32,782
Xorum [3AMRI]1,223050.1%0.0%34,299
Xomich [3AMRI]1,280050.3%0.0%22,620
Petronix [3AMRI]1,190049.9%0.0%32,734
JI_e_n_P_e_K_o_H [3AMRI]1,1641,85349.2%53.8%36,596
vo78kareli [3AMRI]1,112050.2%0.0%33,321
OTA1 [3AMRI]1,150048.3%0.0%30,328
lyalushka [3AMRI]535046.7%0.0%13,984
Weighted average1,52166051.3%20.7%36,715
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