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Players for clan 31BTB (31-й Белгородский танковый батальон) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
galant_7 [31BTB]2,585060.0%0.0%12,512
Duchi31rus [31BTB]2,439057.6%0.0%68,907
Galant016 [31BTB]2,296056.1%0.0%40,380
nolacjoker [31BTB]2,081054.8%0.0%18,518
Der__Exorzist [31BTB]2,042057.4%0.0%38,260
Liqu1dat0r [31BTB]1,958054.2%0.0%34,813
TAPAKAH_31 [31BTB]1,970056.9%0.0%18,390
zenitchik_Andrew [31BTB]1,9252,42554.4%57.4%62,924
ReptileRRoma [31BTB]1,952054.9%0.0%51,551
pupa5 [31BTB]2,037053.1%0.0%69,758
Afric7 [31BTB]1,956056.1%0.0%10,993
Voland100 [31BTB]1,980053.6%0.0%57,049
aktex31 [31BTB]1,934053.3%0.0%47,612
les682 [31BTB]1,837053.7%0.0%29,509
ArchEnemy_ [31BTB]1,891057.2%0.0%10,671
woodspig [31BTB]1,951051.2%0.0%25,823
pandorumin [31BTB]1,774052.5%0.0%31,702
Marshal_Vladimir [31BTB]1,756053.7%0.0%20,122
Titamir79 [31BTB]1,669051.6%0.0%20,606
Gangster78 [31BTB]1,745053.8%0.0%51,347
gnomron1 [31BTB]1,665053.5%0.0%34,369
sere9ya [31BTB]1,736053.7%0.0%52,421
KoVaJI [31BTB]1,699050.9%0.0%17,485
Grom0023 [31BTB]1,686051.9%0.0%24,056
Gremlin_31 [31BTB]1,605051.7%0.0%19,476
Oleg_4_31RUS [31BTB]1,5661,38950.6%47.2%36,276
wrld_of_tnks [31BTB]1,497051.2%0.0%26,234
MHE_OX_BTAHKE [31BTB]1,563051.7%0.0%50,183
Maquisard [31BTB]1,400050.5%0.0%30,964
zladeixx [31BTB]1,363053.3%0.0%14,155
cattywoman [31BTB]1,306049.9%0.0%33,818
dreadnaut [31BTB]1,178047.8%0.0%43,166
MaJIbILL1 [31BTB]958048.6%0.0%10,387
Weighted average1,82617853.4%4.7%33,483
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