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Players for clan 2SD (Вторая Соло Дивизия) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BETEPAH_BCEX_HA_KYKAH [2SD]2,355056.5%0.0%16,283
K_R_A_S_N_O_D_A_R_ [2SD]1,8371,84453.3%50.7%24,906
e399ee102 [2SD]1,774053.2%0.0%50,017
beloozero [2SD]1,8541,68455.5%58.0%57,253
beni74 [2SD]1,752052.7%0.0%60,304
RenamedUser6250546 [2SD]1,5711,63451.3%51.6%129,042
lymix2305_281016 [2SD]1,560051.7%0.0%31,402
luzer050575 [2SD]1,5451,89251.5%53.1%80,077
Memento__mori_2018 [2SD]1,432052.6%0.0%14,105
werwolf2005 [2SD]1,4381,48050.9%51.3%71,364
007misha0933 [2SD]1,4101,67049.8%50.9%72,179
alex_25_2015 [2SD]1,364050.2%0.0%50,337
GG01010 [2SD]1,4221,42851.7%50.9%44,720
Alekcei0891 [2SD]1,362051.4%0.0%61,740
MAG_001_2017 [2SD]1,278049.9%0.0%23,089
Vem63 [2SD]1,293050.4%0.0%84,340
G0003 [2SD]1,304050.2%0.0%61,773
egoraff2005 [2SD]1,200050.3%0.0%102,668
yurik0202 [2SD]1,265050.9%0.0%90,823
Daiman90210 [2SD]1,229049.1%0.0%52,300
_Stavros [2SD]1,1331,24450.0%50.0%37,848
vedma_116 [2SD]1,201050.1%0.0%60,495
BWC_2015 [2SD]939049.0%0.0%55,374
_____PERESVET_____ [2SD]846048.5%0.0%21,578
crushitel_ [2SD]825048.7%0.0%38,715
TAZOCEK [2SD]7561,06848.6%51.4%21,503
uMeIO_Bcex [2SD]7891,25348.1%49.6%36,927
_svetozar_8385 [2SD]735047.7%0.0%72,028
Crusader89 [2SD]61776946.6%49.2%4,489
MACROLIMITER [2SD]470047.9%0.0%1,262
gelotaxx_FILI168 [2SD]368045.0%0.0%16,192
Weighted average1,32559250.7%19.5%49,843
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