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Players for clan 1NVLD (1NVALIDY) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
5OOOpy6 [1NVLD]2,989058.9%0.0%45,797
Marvin__ [1NVLD]2,543059.6%0.0%22,940
ReyL1 [1NVLD]2,354058.0%0.0%22,539
O_JI_E_4_K_A [1NVLD]2,099058.8%0.0%1,198
Urok_48 [1NVLD]2,241055.7%0.0%53,218
xolera_1 [1NVLD]2,231056.4%0.0%40,630
nenshik [1NVLD]2,214055.6%0.0%35,100
DimOneCupe [1NVLD]2,027054.1%0.0%49,041
DAIVORK [1NVLD]1,875054.8%0.0%54,011
rks408 [1NVLD]1,9281,56454.1%50.0%44,350
FinkSL [1NVLD]1,824053.2%0.0%56,679
Nikitos_2473 [1NVLD]1,684052.6%0.0%12,416
MostCuriousCat [1NVLD]1,776053.9%0.0%110,937
TjGenius [1NVLD]1,6971,33552.8%46.1%49,036
MarioSL [1NVLD]1,6261,40252.3%48.8%47,169
85pavlin85 [1NVLD]1,622052.2%0.0%69,176
dimgadki [1NVLD]1,6661,62953.5%51.5%52,783
4yMMa [1NVLD]1,641052.5%0.0%55,256
bogdan_800 [1NVLD]1,5981,97551.2%55.7%82,626
GaWeR_SV [1NVLD]1,4961,51550.1%48.2%24,538
leha19833 [1NVLD]1,4651,66751.5%49.7%71,964
Parker777 [1NVLD]1,3881,58452.5%48.2%37,062
Rustem_86 [1NVLD]1,327050.7%0.0%37,176
Virus534 [1NVLD]1,2631,37250.7%49.7%86,572
LLIYNT [1NVLD]1,234049.4%0.0%52,498
Kolyn743 [1NVLD]1,1831,23550.1%47.1%51,769
Gladiolus68 [1NVLD]441046.0%0.0%8,875
Weighted average1,81576353.7%22.5%48,725
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