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Players for clan -VE-R (VEKTOR-A) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Altec [-VE-R]2,509058.0%0.0%38,675
ripeStinger [-VE-R]2,0012,58354.1%54.3%13,121
bob2601 [-VE-R]1,883054.6%0.0%34,674
sepulltura [-VE-R]1,8652,02654.3%56.6%31,933
DAV_88 [-VE-R]1,8531,54654.4%54.9%32,579
Weetaal [-VE-R]1,7181,97752.9%55.6%54,927
joi32 [-VE-R]1,6571,79252.3%54.1%60,330
arzhan2013 [-VE-R]1,6472,42451.8%54.4%33,920
poruchik25 [-VE-R]1,6791,77651.6%49.5%60,436
otgaday [-VE-R]1,561052.1%0.0%50,648
Dimon90986 [-VE-R]1,597052.4%0.0%36,364
Mihaker_85 [-VE-R]1,541050.1%0.0%41,923
itsnake [-VE-R]1,516051.7%0.0%50,905
Artem_21099 [-VE-R]1,336051.2%0.0%35,973
Doctor__Mogila [-VE-R]1,3481,33350.6%54.6%37,705
Silentcium [-VE-R]1,232050.1%0.0%28,358
soil87 [-VE-R]1,198048.4%0.0%40,219
Heps1978 [-VE-R]1,148049.9%0.0%47,712
Lerka0509 [-VE-R]1,0931,37350.3%61.7%21,756
KRONEER [-VE-R]1,136049.6%0.0%12,678
koss__15 [-VE-R]758048.8%0.0%9,161
Weighted average1,57782152.0%24.4%36,857
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