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Players for clan -ETO- (Единый Танковый Отряд) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Vitautas76 [-ETO-]1,708057.0%0.0%26,458
OTMOPO3OK___2018 [-ETO-]1,559051.8%0.0%11,494
BeJlukuu_XaH1 [-ETO-]1,4861,82452.4%58.0%9,244
MALLIuHuCT_86pyc [-ETO-]1,479051.8%0.0%43,613
Dj_Stereo_Vip_House_Mix [-ETO-]1,486049.7%0.0%59,586
alexpass [-ETO-]1,410051.0%0.0%65,628
vonshel [-ETO-]1,3321,61050.2%56.4%40,203
00586 [-ETO-]1,2881,33650.1%51.5%35,783
Atam_man [-ETO-]1,269050.1%0.0%25,003
boomer9991 [-ETO-]1,251049.3%0.0%30,698
RinX_ [-ETO-]1,273050.7%0.0%27,366
saint31 [-ETO-]1,268050.2%0.0%48,132
CHKODA_161 [-ETO-]1,1811,45348.9%53.5%56,476
CTAJIHOY_BOLIH_161 [-ETO-]1,187049.5%0.0%48,884
Arsen86A [-ETO-]1,166050.2%0.0%67,311
DIM_47RU [-ETO-]1,126050.1%0.0%1,737
sanch12321 [-ETO-]1,2041,57148.3%51.5%37,608
AlekseyGadyuchka [-ETO-]1,1131,35548.2%48.5%46,873
1_KYCT [-ETO-]1,122049.2%0.0%3,814
_D_i_M_o_N_777_ [-ETO-]1,1251,36648.7%51.3%73,805
vdv8991 [-ETO-]1,04193649.6%46.6%50,285
_Vyatich [-ETO-]1,097049.7%0.0%49,228
KpoT161 [-ETO-]1,0961,64449.1%49.1%64,106
ramzes4dmb89 [-ETO-]1,049048.9%0.0%58,645
azasada [-ETO-]1,0541,63247.8%49.4%80,952
_1_ALeKSaNDR_1_ [-ETO-]1,0181,16747.9%51.0%47,079
2DREMIK2 [-ETO-]880050.0%0.0%10,873
adzhiev [-ETO-]78073048.8%43.8%61,265
Weighted average1,19069349.6%25.6%42,219
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