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Players for clan -D0G (MaD DoGS (Бешеные Псы)) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
HepBHblu_PHaNToM [-D0G]2,426060.2%0.0%26,183
jdsfuhd [-D0G]2,133054.1%0.0%42,032
patriot288 [-D0G]2,1782,96755.0%56.6%71,496
BIZON1986_ [-D0G]2,038057.6%0.0%29,607
1Balamyt1 [-D0G]1,8872,15554.6%54.6%33,143
C_E_H_9I [-D0G]1,9902,30355.0%60.6%20,498
bezpaleva1407 [-D0G]1,832052.7%0.0%13,139
shtroy [-D0G]1,7942,27553.3%56.0%69,773
Pr1z3Rak [-D0G]1,963054.4%0.0%55,549
nyrkoff [-D0G]1,982053.0%0.0%57,306
Corvette_196 [-D0G]1,650051.3%0.0%20,797
BMWbess [-D0G]1,761054.2%0.0%43,212
back__fire [-D0G]1,7061,72154.0%50.6%31,750
Light_Horse [-D0G]1,786054.8%0.0%35,443
1ynx [-D0G]1,7302,12252.7%57.6%42,590
artem040590 [-D0G]1,696054.0%0.0%42,191
Redlab [-D0G]1,617062.2%0.0%37,474
4_u_H_u_JI_bI_4 [-D0G]1,6802,00351.9%55.5%101,254
IS67 [-D0G]1,620051.9%0.0%37,777
MaD_PHaNToM [-D0G]1,520057.3%0.0%28,282
AntraCeeD [-D0G]1,613052.1%0.0%14,142
BlackSun386 [-D0G]1,5641,92151.7%52.0%45,025
KostyaN_voin_72ru [-D0G]1,3091,88951.1%54.0%20,925
paschavojt [-D0G]1,253049.8%0.0%16,900
kaco12 [-D0G]1,154049.4%0.0%35,675
111BARON111_2016 [-D0G]784048.6%0.0%17,232
Weighted average1,76897453.8%24.4%38,053
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