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Players for clan -BR-- (Б_Р_А_Т_В_А) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
White_m [-BR--]2,022052.6%0.0%55,828
_AP6y3_48rus [-BR--]1,769052.9%0.0%12,572
VIRUSM85 [-BR--]1,7111,53651.8%45.3%40,543
Octavianus [-BR--]1,757052.0%0.0%44,638
logist31 [-BR--]1,658050.9%0.0%38,437
bandaavantov [-BR--]1,5091,52751.7%49.6%28,432
trohikan [-BR--]1,4361,20252.3%51.6%28,862
26LIKAN89 [-BR--]1,413052.2%0.0%21,945
Lacha490 [-BR--]1,404050.4%0.0%28,870
DesShore [-BR--]1,320051.0%0.0%12,426
tumanchik12_2015 [-BR--]1,280051.0%0.0%17,489
XZAleksey [-BR--]1,1441,83450.6%53.6%33,357
65bsv [-BR--]1,161049.6%0.0%31,124
drag36 [-BR--]1,153048.8%0.0%17,091
Asvabald [-BR--]1,059050.2%0.0%14,884
arsenii_5000 [-BR--]1,051050.2%0.0%19,632
ss37 [-BR--]1,024048.8%0.0%49,711
gontar1983 [-BR--]60683245.2%43.2%36,012
Weighted average1,45339751.0%13.8%30,719
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