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Players for clan --TOR (Team of Russia) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
____KaPiTaN_TeFTeLkA___ [--TOR]2,220059.3%0.0%9,392
Petrinja [--TOR]2,149055.8%0.0%64,899
STEWI [--TOR]2,0692,21656.9%51.4%26,754
_SeRgEy_________ [--TOR]1,8401,52153.7%51.2%63,760
sorvigolova35 [--TOR]1,809054.9%0.0%26,570
Maks2101 [--TOR]1,737057.2%0.0%24,610
alexeevsy [--TOR]1,6501,00152.8%48.0%35,730
Shirokov_Konstantin [--TOR]1,714053.4%0.0%10,380
VZ_LOM [--TOR]1,690052.9%0.0%28,723
myrzilka675 [--TOR]1,549051.4%0.0%56,541
olegarus [--TOR]1,534051.7%0.0%17,412
NochnojElf [--TOR]1,4521,53853.1%49.6%32,965
Dr_Solitarius [--TOR]1,3821,55952.6%54.2%23,900
Gaimer_art [--TOR]1,4261,35951.5%49.0%33,284
paps77 [--TOR]1,395052.7%0.0%22,447
Smasik01 [--TOR]1,422051.4%0.0%27,182
JiLL [--TOR]1,2921,43348.9%51.0%28,036
Berserking [--TOR]1,269049.9%0.0%38,468
ru_mirage [--TOR]1,14193049.8%42.2%22,625
KOLOFON [--TOR]1,227049.7%0.0%41,651
feckle [--TOR]1,154049.9%0.0%38,688
The_Miz_O_o [--TOR]1,116048.9%0.0%17,724
slavyansmFM [--TOR]1,053051.8%0.0%193
Lerna [--TOR]1,04881351.0%47.6%6,943
solohanter [--TOR]1,050048.5%0.0%26,684
slavyansm [--TOR]935050.4%0.0%39,690
pro675 [--TOR]8901,15948.4%51.0%15,704
ChupacabraFX [--TOR]783050.0%0.0%5,760
mainstream_one7 [--TOR]520046.7%0.0%9,726
Weighted average1,48751552.1%18.1%27,463
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