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Players for clan ZESTY (Zebra's Eat Stupid Tankers Yo!) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ArcticPark [ZESTY]2,173055.2%0.0%14,718
KILL3RBer [ZESTY]2,152055.7%0.0%29,479
jomama135 [DILF]1,969054.3%0.0%27,699
Ramgor [DILF]1,969055.2%0.0%11,388
surgofsteel [ZESTY]1,854051.2%0.0%16,495
Mad_Boy_Jimmy [ZESTY]1,797053.5%0.0%22,802
Melomovich [ZESTY]1,764052.5%0.0%10,727
Jaheedi [DILF]1,809053.8%0.0%9,859
GalagaKing [ZESTY]1,7822,13653.4%62.3%41,264
General_Meow [ZESTY]1,737054.8%0.0%13,486
HoopsTank [ZESTY]1,642052.7%0.0%20,877
Fallenlime [ZESTY]1,6511,87451.5%55.4%31,725
kingtanker001 [ZESTY]1,636050.8%0.0%22,771
Ralfy6 [DILF]1,667052.2%0.0%17,267
Napoleon_45 [DILF]1,528052.0%0.0%16,535
fullyarmored10 [ZESTY]1,510049.2%0.0%9,698
goodlife250m [DILF]1,534053.5%0.0%19,756
Beast235 [ZESTY]1,454051.4%0.0%13,774
Clean1Owner [ZESTY]1,516051.8%0.0%42,937
GenGrooveMonkey [ZESTY]1,403050.6%0.0%8,771
CrunkLogic [ZESTY]1,375050.8%0.0%19,905
SledgeS [ZESTY]1,323050.9%0.0%17,090
Ultimatedestroyer1 [ZESTY]1,071047.6%0.0%5,254
Weighted average1,69633252.6%9.7%19,316
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