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Players for clan W-UNI (World Of Tanks University NA) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Slappy00500 [W-UNI]1,755053.1%0.0%18,345
melloman3000 [W-UNI]1,638052.6%0.0%20,392
kharmapolice777 [W-UNI]1,596053.4%0.0%51,756
Lightspar [W-UNI]1,326053.6%0.0%12,600
TankxDestroyer1 [W-UNI]1,359049.5%0.0%41,557
TouchyFeelyUncleChuck [W-UNI]1,3091,38151.4%52.8%20,293
Nij75 [W-UNI]1,247050.5%0.0%14,976
OldDogofWar07 [W-UNI]1,089050.7%0.0%24,286
Jameson_6 [W-UNI]1,076049.8%0.0%10,440
boomtasticna [W-UNI]918050.0%0.0%6
Cashlin [W-UNI]1,025049.5%0.0%22,788
trinity_armada [W-UNI]1,021050.2%0.0%8,765
Voltron_Maximus [W-UNI]9411,53148.4%52.1%28,761
_Mungz_ [W-UNI]961048.2%0.0%7,495
Rays98GoVols [W-UNI]9501,35748.4%48.8%18,145
sonnymassey [W-UNI]8691,10350.1%49.1%22,024
rocket2me [W-UNI]8721,26149.3%56.2%29,162
starnld [W-UNI]7981,15450.0%54.4%12,496
thewinner135 [W-UNI]793047.0%0.0%4,909
microzap [W-UNI]7201,31947.5%57.1%33,542
Thanatos_2 [W-UNI]74464248.2%45.9%36,236
AmericanSinner [W-UNI]73777442.7%44.3%445
TraxRyn [W-UNI]61599847.1%49.7%5,286
MuleAZ [W-UNI]638046.5%0.0%15,057
Ali3n_Hans [W-UNI]587046.8%0.0%11,315
odat24 [W-UNI]580048.4%0.0%14,384
Oldcook [W-UNI]517046.9%0.0%16,949
fussbag [W-UNI]49094546.0%50.8%20,383
smt214 [W-UNI]468047.2%0.0%4,397
Medic1230 [W-UNI]442046.5%0.0%6,238
Skynet_steel [W-UNI]121044.2%0.0%3,706
Weighted average1,04752549.6%21.6%17,897
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