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Players for clan USM (United States Militia) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
79_Eagle [USM]3,306058.8%0.0%1,752
Tauriel_ [USM]1,9511,95654.3%53.8%30,414
Predator_Wraith [USM]1,8382,29153.8%53.7%24,534
AwsGM [USM]1,8991,64052.2%47.1%38,152
killerman1997 [USM]1,6352,25352.4%60.8%31,018
PigeonDeVerdun [USM]1,3991,43251.0%50.5%28,340
Terminate2000 [USM]1,4041,80950.5%52.7%29,327
pbranger57 [USM]1,2791,77952.6%56.9%20,779
nels_god [USM]1,2591,25850.6%49.4%24,630
Bfunk [USM]1,210050.4%0.0%21,676
TankDestroyer00008 [USM]1,1931,60149.8%50.4%39,246
mapeye24 [USM]1,184048.9%0.0%61,227
Lemme__Smash [USM]1,1771,82648.9%59.4%10,339
shaggy84 [USM]1,0311,01548.9%45.3%16,854
wronged [USM]99386749.2%46.7%34,223
MAD_noob [USM]9851,00849.4%48.4%37,640
FiNalDesT [USM]9741,03748.1%48.2%10,744
4Lph4_W0LF [USM]97286147.4%47.0%14,175
redmn17 [USM]9551,02846.5%46.7%13,961
Raditz25 [USM]887048.5%0.0%5,707
Demolisher321 [USM]9001,36647.6%53.2%17,087
Mi11erkiller [USM]821047.2%0.0%4,475
willpep [USM]813047.5%0.0%7,721
bluenose [USM]81993446.5%48.1%56,603
LT_Kelley [USM]71976046.0%46.1%14,602
GivingEmTheBusiness [USM]502045.8%0.0%5,320
LJGGree [USM]50745145.6%44.2%22,344
Weighted average1,2481,22249.9%42.7%22,781
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