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Players for clan UGKB (United Gamers- Killer Bees) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
sometims_naive [UGKB]1,7302,45052.6%53.4%41,522
ThePirateKing9 [UGKB]1,648050.5%0.0%21,329
Unabooboo [UGKB]1,518051.3%0.0%30,000
flavafred [UGKB]1,548051.0%0.0%29,986
DRCStunner [UGKB]1,494050.3%0.0%49,277
Bulldozer314 [UGKB]1,4141,64851.4%53.9%16,343
offsetwhiskey [UGKB]1,341051.8%0.0%8,978
FB2000 [UGKB]1,360052.0%0.0%27,059
Possibly_Insane [UGKB]1,301051.4%0.0%12,342
Traintown [UGKB]1,297050.4%0.0%16,377
Llorunis [UGKB]1,263050.7%0.0%42,527
Money4Rum [UGKB]1,295050.0%0.0%20,267
xCJx [UGKB]1,135049.0%0.0%14,123
mattdg69 [UGKB]1,2061,97850.9%52.9%43,824
_Infidel_ [UGKB]1,177048.0%0.0%19,488
Kornbr3d [UGKB]1,142050.7%0.0%25,927
hammugzy [UGKB]1,1001,01951.1%47.1%35,985
nerdsholmferret [UGKB]1,160049.6%0.0%51,970
RainbowDrugz [UGKB]1,106049.7%0.0%5,524
DemonDuck [UGKB]1,111050.2%0.0%16,493
Pz_AMMO [UGKB]1,061048.9%0.0%51,361
Cheshire03 [UGKB]955050.7%0.0%24,509
Bucko60 [UGKB]96360049.2%47.2%29,171
supaspork [UGKB]953048.0%0.0%8,643
2ADHoundsOfHell [UGKB]870048.9%0.0%22,904
bowtech65 [UGKB]8581,03746.2%43.9%44,605
Alf1 [UGKB]849049.2%0.0%33,968
Skip454 [UGKB]821049.1%0.0%28,302
gruggles2601wa [UGKB]799048.8%0.0%15,539
MAD_KILLERBEE [UGKB]819046.3%0.0%10,917
Sanders1963 [UGKB]688045.0%0.0%13,941
Bichen_too [UGKB]526046.6%0.0%4,320
bichen [UGKB]421045.0%0.0%30,148
Weighted average1,15437349.7%12.3%25,686
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