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Players for clan UA-TD (First Ukrainian Tank Division) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
centorion12 [UA-TD]0054.3%0.0%12,891
Nodeath2 [UA-TD]2,445060.2%0.0%9,952
The_Roi [UA-TD]2,194054.5%0.0%14,540
D_ICTATO_R [UA-TD]2,187057.4%0.0%11,789
Oleksa3 [UA-TD]2,176056.5%0.0%27,521
WGUSA [UA-TD]1,993053.9%0.0%6,817
Djon_Karter [UA-TD]2,072055.4%0.0%7,069
redbizkit [UA-TD]1,991053.8%0.0%36,298
UBAH_MA3El7A [UA-TD]2,308062.6%0.0%1,477
KPA3_STAS [UA-TD]1,877055.9%0.0%5,354
devis_ukr [UA-TD]1,613054.7%0.0%7,450
daymon150 [UA-TD]1,550057.9%0.0%2,094
BRON9WKA [UA-TD]1,504052.7%0.0%5,940
vitaliyk15 [UA-TD]1,571052.3%0.0%18,290
Omarik_15 [UA-TD]1,534051.7%0.0%14,273
Varq [UA-TD]1,436054.6%0.0%8,511
slavkovasin [UA-TD]1,429050.9%0.0%12,092
SaidMD [UA-TD]1,355055.8%0.0%772
Whisper_of_Death [UA-TD]1,401050.5%0.0%30,445
deg_ua [UA-TD]1,449053.1%0.0%11,064
Issa [UA-TD]1,444049.8%0.0%23,779
Derbish [UA-TD]1,280054.4%0.0%3,309
andriy07 [UA-TD]1,272050.6%0.0%860
serpitt [UA-TD]1,1821,40049.8%50.0%15,431
NikeIsAwesome [UA-TD]1,079050.2%0.0%957
UKR_KIBORG [UA-TD]971050.1%0.0%1,991
illya_olegovich [UA-TD]941051.6%0.0%2,590
DrFeelgood666 [UA-TD]830048.7%0.0%15,940
alex_411 [UA-TD]802049.7%0.0%5,758
Weighted average1,5896953.1%2.4%10,870
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