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Players for clan TRAX (Tactical Reconnaissance Attack Xtreme) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_Steelman_ [TRAX]2,121054.5%0.0%8,223
tiberiansun098 [TRAX]1,979053.4%0.0%49,743
ascio [TRAX]1,954054.0%0.0%36,765
WildKarrde [TRAX]1,878053.8%0.0%18,683
theanhtb [TRAX]1,896052.1%0.0%21,251
stonovich12 [TRAX]1,9141,08553.6%47.4%82,556
xXCursedXx [TRAX]1,829053.7%0.0%30,250
perko00 [TRAX]1,758052.0%0.0%15,517
dsb3232 [TRAX]1,709053.4%0.0%11,121
Allen1976 [TRAX]1,796052.7%0.0%34,633
PeeDubCee [TRAX]1,617052.3%0.0%44,153
vsezonov [TRAX]1,602052.1%0.0%14,085
Ranger51 [TRAX]1,657052.0%0.0%37,178
EASY_KIDS_GAME [TRAX]1,5412,12654.2%57.8%8,858
SmashedUp [TRAX]1,6141,33251.3%53.3%27,677
MOHEZI [TRAX]1,467052.3%0.0%37,983
FrankStanley [TRAX]1,326051.7%0.0%38,302
superfeds [TRAX]1,316050.0%0.0%12,656
StormbringerII [TRAX]1,2141,02852.6%50.9%33,631
romanprok [TRAX]1,214050.4%0.0%14,747
SKULLGUN [TRAX]1,21568149.3%45.5%33,333
Weighted average1,67033152.5%14.9%29,111
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