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Players for clan SWS (Sandbox Without Softs) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Mnichu555 [SWS]3,715068.6%0.0%18,848
matrrix [SWS]2,884063.6%0.0%34,562
sosnus [SWS]2,498057.0%0.0%58,852
StrugawaxD [SWS]2,260059.5%0.0%16,085
NowYou [SWS]2,172056.1%0.0%21,086
wikary [SWS]2,1332,71155.4%58.7%28,050
Mosiekk [SWS]2,1752,38357.0%52.2%23,947
abum67 [SWS]2,1962,00456.7%58.8%36,848
naljorpa [SWS]2,091055.1%0.0%49,996
gutek666 [SWS]1,988055.5%0.0%27,716
grzeg6665 [SWS]1,989054.6%0.0%27,722
Happyfant [SWS]2,070057.3%0.0%27,420
kisieltj [SWS]1,924054.0%0.0%17,513
Hardened_Steel [SWS]1,828053.5%0.0%8,685
Shirre [SWS]1,658053.0%0.0%26,100
FillVonGroza [SWS]1,435053.9%0.0%3,591
Blind_Ghost [SWS]1,421050.7%0.0%12,853
czarny024 [SWS]1,404051.8%0.0%22,357
rumun002 [SWS]1,292050.3%0.0%6,858
sipek1210 [SWS]1,258052.4%0.0%14,913
HoobVonGroob [SWS]1,287052.5%0.0%33,749
VasiliZajcev [SWS]1,212049.0%0.0%27,712
Vigor [SWS]1,2561,43450.0%53.3%44,034
wojtek4166 [SWS]1,158050.4%0.0%7,392
ksieciuniu [SWS]928049.0%0.0%8,160
Jordan_Oniel [SWS]927048.9%0.0%10,597
2012matrix07 [SWS]809047.3%0.0%4,147
Hantipl [SWS]602046.3%0.0%23,569
Weighted average1,88041654.7%11.4%22,385
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