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Players for clan SPED (Special Ed.) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Enterprise2000 [SPED]2,5493,30157.3%59.2%41,778
UNSC_Shooter [SPED]2,309055.8%0.0%20,802
Rambojenkins [SPED]2,146056.3%0.0%33,480
InquisitiveSpaniard [SPED]2,193057.2%0.0%1,904
HK_Killamajig [SPED]2,0391,58753.6%49.2%19,906
Crisco_Fist [SPED]1,980055.1%0.0%38,693
Tank_Trasher [SPED]1,9491,56955.0%49.9%26,913
Gohei [SPED]1,903055.5%0.0%19,898
KingLonard [XAU]2,003054.6%0.0%60,517
Fathead386 [SPED]1,891053.1%0.0%29,981
Tancredi [SPED]1,765053.0%0.0%19,298
Bloopwez [SPED]1,7671,72953.6%52.1%65,486
deadagain1975 [SPED]1,7761,90654.0%51.3%76,719
beermeat [SPED]1,888051.5%0.0%16,320
Desert_Fox1993 [SPED]1,778051.5%0.0%25,337
Lomack [XAU]1,625051.6%0.0%21,741
HK_jed130 [SPED]1,522052.2%0.0%24,098
CrazyCajunTanking [SPED]1,455050.2%0.0%22,934
RagingBlizzard [SPED]1,27399250.8%47.8%31,664
WarlordTim [SPED]1,146051.0%0.0%15,455
Monkey_Buster [SPED]1,1401,06850.3%51.7%73,212
N3wbl3tz [SPED]1,16168148.0%46.5%38,450
adurant [SPED]1,05077350.3%43.7%45,218
Weighted average1,71777953.0%25.7%34,345
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