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Players for clan SHOK (SHOCK) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
this_man [SHOK]1,6162,32052.3%56.2%19,163
Wesley_E [SHOK]1,526051.0%0.0%15,223
UrbanTitan [SHOK]1,490051.1%0.0%18,513
VoidX [SHOK]1,500050.9%0.0%24,976
jbmpr [SHOK]1,428049.2%0.0%12,335
Tkachuk [SHOK]1,355050.5%0.0%28,925
Roro_de_Bretagne [SHOK]1,338050.6%0.0%16,473
Wulf190d [SHOK]1,280049.5%0.0%22,485
zeta_immersion [SHOK]1,186050.9%0.0%16,196
Russell69 [SHOK]1,147051.3%0.0%26,730
hodgibob [SHOK]1,063050.2%0.0%16,967
6thIDRanger [SHOK]1,1041,15750.1%48.3%27,695
Motoc369 [SHOK]1,01094849.5%48.5%16,508
GREENCHAOS [SHOK]953047.1%0.0%26,855
Grid_Reference [SHOK]9301,24850.0%50.5%9,296
MingtheMerciless1 [SHOK]929049.5%0.0%39,743
Cazbon [SHOK]909050.0%0.0%4,569
Hopper28 [SHOK]899048.2%0.0%11,092
Pinzgauer799 [SHOK]871050.7%0.0%7,937
Wurian [SHOK]854048.6%0.0%17,089
Panzerpop [SHOK]813047.6%0.0%11,531
Strokerace427 [SHOK]735047.5%0.0%16,376
ampedexplorer246 [SHOK]676047.2%0.0%6,724
toujours_pret [SHOK]703045.4%0.0%20,739
MostFurious [SHOK]723046.6%0.0%4,073
slegehammer13 [SHOK]657046.6%0.0%2,689
MajGenKilroy [SHOK]678046.0%0.0%9,764
Nemean_Lion [SHOK]621047.7%0.0%8,927
elvis19k10 [SHOK]621048.7%0.0%11,350
Feouring [SHOK]62277746.9%51.5%8,586
TheTimeLord1 [SHOK]538048.0%0.0%3,665
Dextremacy [SHOK]548046.3%0.0%4,474
cubero2 [SHOK]563047.0%0.0%8,308
iotaman [SHOK]449045.6%0.0%18,175
seanward65 [SHOK]416046.0%0.0%19,274
Joran3070 [SHOK]268043.5%0.0%5,085
Weighted average1,01320549.0%7.7%14,958
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