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Players for clan SGLE (StuG LyfE) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
dannyh [SGLE]2,986059.7%0.0%12,885
bawbaw [SGLE]2,740062.1%0.0%16,757
FebrezeNinja [SGLE]2,340056.1%0.0%9,808
autonomy [SGLE]2,376058.8%0.0%11,382
Bleakill [PBKAC]2,217061.6%0.0%17,548
Flagellum [SGLE]2,403056.8%0.0%12,556
Chief777 [SGLE]2,324056.3%0.0%22,769
Kougyoku [SGLE]1,856061.9%0.0%13,959
InnerGoat [SGLE]1,853055.8%0.0%7,066
Tyrlol [SGLE]1,954053.2%0.0%37,475
creamed_corn [SGLE]1,832056.3%0.0%6,263
Kusanagi_Khan [SGLE]1,881056.7%0.0%416
Shalhavet [SGLE]1,735052.5%0.0%10,123
2calf [SGLE]1,637055.5%0.0%11,691
EnsignExpendable [PBKAC]1,584057.7%0.0%23,745
Dodeca_Hedron [SGLE]1,562053.6%0.0%15,427
ChairInACasket [SGLE]1,703057.4%0.0%54
Samusenko [SGLE]1,540062.4%0.0%85
RamaKharwa [SGLE]1,377050.5%0.0%7,615
JeanneAlter [SGLE]1,3361,09551.3%52.5%9,810
Johanen [SGLE]1,285050.2%0.0%4,379
dukeofurl [SGLE]1,289050.5%0.0%23,055
Weighted average1,9553655.9%1.7%13,017
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