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Players for clan QIN (The Qin Empire) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Atheist_Xu [QIN]2,719055.8%0.0%4,605
BilibiliTV_KnightStorm [QIN]2,556057.5%0.0%6,205
Fate_CHA_Qy [QIN]2,536056.1%0.0%14,504
Engine900 [QIN]2,147059.9%0.0%11,025
xwyzj1987 [QIN]2,252053.5%0.0%12,277
DoCoMo [QIN]2,192058.9%0.0%12,467
Bann [QIN]2,053058.2%0.0%12,930
PtolemaiosII [QIN]2,056058.2%0.0%11,933
wanmina [QIN]2,081057.6%0.0%7,573
dantonsage [QIN]2,128055.7%0.0%8,717
jack1913 [QIN]1,945058.0%0.0%20,911
frostfox [QIN]1,939055.6%0.0%8,348
20111404_A_Boing_B [QIN]1,857054.6%0.0%20,048
MasonDDR [QIN]2,118056.7%0.0%3,028
grantnemo [QIN]1,730055.2%0.0%11,091
GSuNW [QIN]1,828051.4%0.0%7,617
LongislandiceT [QIN]1,762055.1%0.0%10,240
me109g [QIN]1,736052.1%0.0%18,357
KingofTheBlades [QIN]1,570051.9%0.0%6,280
Huangke1994 [QIN]1,497051.3%0.0%14,784
lee_1985 [QIN]1,396050.7%0.0%16,970
PileBunker [QIN]1,471052.6%0.0%10,946
c9mr [QIN]1,470051.9%0.0%8,465
tebieka2 [QIN]1,255051.1%0.0%7,964
plkio [QIN]1,303052.2%0.0%22,550
haoz [QIN]1,283051.3%0.0%7,043
luke83 [QIN]1,266051.8%0.0%9,624
Freeloader123 [QIN]1,227047.7%0.0%14,531
Misitersun [QIN]1,054047.5%0.0%3,864
davidhouflying [QIN]829047.0%0.0%5,532
_Episode [QIN]432066.7%0.0%69
Weighted average1,767054.0%0.0%10,661
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