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Players for clan POP-C (Cobb's Kernals) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_Criminal_ [POP-C]1,535052.3%0.0%22,756
bigdaddy_aggie [POP-C]1,3311,34052.2%55.3%39,916
Platapus_steel [POP-C]1,208051.1%0.0%4,060
hiqualty2 [POP-C]1,163049.7%0.0%38,841
Cpl_Cobb [POP-C]1,1781,53651.6%56.1%34,338
Cmdr_Lux [POP-C]1,1601,42650.5%51.4%20,921
dMech [POP-C]1,152050.5%0.0%39,616
D3vour3d [POP-C]1,1421,35751.8%52.6%29,932
phantomtank2 [POP-C]1,1141,61349.4%53.2%8,282
Monkman28 [POP-C]1,129049.5%0.0%20,704
TheGodwin1022 [POP-C]1,0901,87849.7%57.0%18,052
jeffgee [POP-C]1,08897648.4%42.4%55,700
RAM_Dewey [POP-C]1,0071,20449.9%49.5%30,048
eschonle [POP-C]1,0321,30549.5%50.6%14,110
_Ilovecows538_ [POP-C]970048.2%0.0%20,516
CYP3A4 [POP-C]918050.0%0.0%12,327
KingEragon [POP-C]860050.0%0.0%16,205
Alaska_Viking [POP-C]87898747.9%48.5%37,313
AnomanderPurake [POP-C]855049.9%0.0%20,760
rabbitddog2 [POP-C]836048.8%0.0%8,785
Bees_Nuts [POP-C]79566950.4%50.2%11,399
panzermayer2464 [POP-C]77497550.1%53.4%28,589
CPABilly [POP-C]77288547.3%47.9%43,805
MrBigg82 [POP-C]625048.5%0.0%10,971
Cowart69 [POP-C]662047.1%0.0%27,355
Blackheart65 [POP-C]607047.4%0.0%28,337
Slammerr [POP-C]32729147.8%45.1%28,197
KingTiger644 [POP-C]277044.3%0.0%14,313
Weighted average96765949.4%29.3%24,505
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