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Players for clan PONY (Ponygoons) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Hylius [PONY]2,461055.8%0.0%5,862
Gizmo247 [PONY]2,175055.3%0.0%22,800
Proxus [PONY]2,021056.2%0.0%13,740
Timmux [PONY]2,010054.7%0.0%10,722
DrTaff [PONY]2,005055.7%0.0%13,629
DearPrincessCelestia [PONY]1,754055.6%0.0%10,227
CaptDarrion [PONY]1,587052.7%0.0%13,357
Westy543 [PONY]1,561053.7%0.0%5,936
computeraddict [PONY]1,570052.3%0.0%6,952
Kemosobe [PONY]1,519050.1%0.0%9,586
needlbeer [PONY]1,486052.1%0.0%5,390
Strabo4 [PONY]1,438051.6%0.0%14,789
Rahkashi [PONY]1,394052.2%0.0%9,306
Damathacus [PONY]1,292050.5%0.0%2,567
chachonimrod [PONY]1,180051.5%0.0%1,296
Dipsomaniac_Destroyer [PONY]1,132052.4%0.0%1,381
Atlas_Fortis [PONY]1,134049.9%0.0%3,217
PINIPF [PONY]1,128049.2%0.0%8,835
Raganti [PONY]1,004052.3%0.0%3,475
Stiney [PONY]1,009050.6%0.0%8,670
BombaySapphire [PONY]1,014049.2%0.0%7,775
Zandolf [PONY]1,001052.2%0.0%2,710
evan1195 [PONY]761049.9%0.0%7,804
flagger9182 [PONY]645049.3%0.0%1,323
Throbulator [PONY]612047.6%0.0%687
Kraps [PONY]319047.5%0.0%926
Ace0415 [PONY]282045.1%0.0%364
Weighted average1,589052.9%0.0%7,160
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