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Players for clan PITWA (Pitbull Warriors) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Deuce_Coupe [PITWA]1,3001,31350.4%51.6%38,918
Gurubashi [PITWA]1,321050.8%0.0%14,319
baracuda_70 [PITWA]1,2351,60549.8%49.5%35,967
MR_VAN_HELSING [PITWA]1,180048.5%0.0%30,286
Vorval_1 [PITWA]1,091050.3%0.0%13,831
snake774 [PITWA]1,1142,03449.1%52.2%41,154
Spastic1 [PITWA]1,085050.1%0.0%26,909
massdestruct [PITWA]1,062048.8%0.0%32,973
Visioneer [ORYX]1,050049.7%0.0%8,985
viperbite40k [PITWA]1,019050.1%0.0%15,238
fishertank [PITWA]1,00088148.5%48.8%53,763
blaster9158 [PITWA]928047.8%0.0%42,260
bbmikej10 [PITWA]874049.3%0.0%10,438
imhigh007 [PITWA]81272746.4%41.0%10,706
vVert [PITWA]779046.6%0.0%5,641
Thunder9556 [PITWA]773045.7%0.0%15,077
_YOSHI_ [PITWA]791045.0%0.0%39,365
lucifuge9 [PITWA]72697647.8%55.9%27,936
evildarthvader7 [PITWA]713047.1%0.0%7,241
MCFLIE [PITWA]696047.2%0.0%29,405
Crashrobb [PITWA]669047.3%0.0%17,350
dpfeifly [PITWA]644046.5%0.0%16,406
57misses [PITWA]51734746.9%43.1%34,695
geejoe [PITWA]475046.5%0.0%29,801
EvilnDeadsLegion [PITWA]40355246.2%45.4%14,869
Weighted average91948148.2%20.7%24,541
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