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Players for clan PERCH (Percheron) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
hox6 [PERCH]1,451052.7%0.0%5,787
Gorfak [PERCH]1,462053.3%0.0%15,798
MarkMullins [PERCH]1,187050.1%0.0%10,013
WishingToast7899 [PERCH]1,1761,36149.6%48.3%27,224
Zapp__Brannigan [PERCH]1,107051.0%0.0%7,983
Grog_the_Grim [PERCH]1,1441,46751.6%52.7%36,485
parthanator [PERCH]1,099049.4%0.0%22,078
Kingkull13 [PERCH]1,0841,07248.6%46.4%28,912
Deathromp [PERCH]977049.5%0.0%54,158
nfsurl [PERCH]1,010047.3%0.0%10,263
Old_Timer_1 [PERCH]941051.1%0.0%9,353
kl3va1 [PERCH]9101,47148.5%51.3%20,173
__Juke__ [PERCH]935047.1%0.0%23,536
PanzerJeb [PERCH]8621,30948.7%54.4%11,940
Red_Arrow_Div [PERCH]79798349.5%50.6%26,815
HAPPYJAX60 [PERCH]790048.9%0.0%38,133
Killer_killz [PERCH]820046.8%0.0%23,294
genghis35 [PERCH]748047.9%0.0%10,372
Hawk1941 [PERCH]68979046.0%47.3%34,394
baptank [PERCH]719047.6%0.0%23,410
jgb3 [PERCH]630048.1%0.0%44,287
BruceStone [PERCH]603046.5%0.0%40,979
Silvanian [PERCH]55576747.7%49.0%4,385
mrknucklesss [PERCH]578046.6%0.0%19,548
omagmemnon [PERCH]511045.9%0.0%32,812
NY_Prophet [PERCH]377044.2%0.0%13,039
Darrelthedestroyer [PERCH]29360043.1%45.2%17,849
Weighted average84238248.3%16.7%22,704
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