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Players for clan NICO (Nico's Iconic Clan Optimism!) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
porouscloud [NICO]2,640057.1%0.0%15,881
PotsuFour [NICO]2,9523,16058.2%60.2%1,825
Dit1o [NICO]2,288054.8%0.0%22,065
Oushaku [NICO]2,1752,51856.0%58.7%49,389
Congeal [NICO]1,958055.3%0.0%18,279
Hyoudou_Issei_The_RDE [NICO]2,023054.0%0.0%26,311
Sord1d [NICO]2,0133,04051.6%54.5%75,383
Gameuser10 [NICO]1,8462,00254.0%56.0%15,879
loliFoxgirl [NICO]1,714056.7%0.0%12,052
SleepyTroubleBubble [NICO]1,750052.1%0.0%8,329
Furesburg [NICO]1,667052.5%0.0%20,003
Suzume_Hiroko [NICO]1,620053.1%0.0%13,429
SillyRabbitTrixRfourKids [NICO]1,6212,14355.9%57.9%20,506
Guardianleopard [NICO]1,6232,32253.4%58.0%12,860
Plutopiate [NICO]1,6511,77352.6%55.3%49,203
Ke0ni [NICO]1,535050.8%0.0%1,747
6action [NICO]1,494050.7%0.0%11,421
Sam_Sanister [NICO]1,542053.1%0.0%27,622
RAZR31 [NICO]1,480054.1%0.0%5,921
munchlax2k14 [NICO]1,410051.8%0.0%21,332
killswitch95 [NICO]1,390052.4%0.0%38,774
llcoolj600 [NICO]1,3671,82450.6%50.0%24,379
_Koschei_ [NICO]1,358049.7%0.0%33,553
Farbdose [NICO]1,296050.7%0.0%23,639
smoI_potato [NICO]1,197050.6%0.0%14,672
Don_Keedik [NICO]999050.1%0.0%13,744
Kazuko_Nakamura [NICO]738047.5%0.0%15,104
Weighted average1,70893952.9%21.8%21,918
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