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Players for clan NDP (No Dumb Pubs) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_Steel_Horse_ [NDP]3,492064.3%0.0%18,594
BIade_Runner [NDP]3,250058.5%0.0%7,935
Sockerbagarn [NDP]3,375060.6%0.0%6,282
ExiaFs [NDP]2,634062.2%0.0%13,927
Hardest [NDP]2,731061.3%0.0%37,902
Mesadoram [NDP]2,5881,94858.7%56.3%26,633
km2 [NDP]2,502057.6%0.0%12,230
ChairInABasket [NDP]2,453058.2%0.0%10,998
kingtut11 [NDP]2,222056.3%0.0%15,370
rossmum [NDP]2,228059.6%0.0%23,151
LiquidF [NDP]2,301057.4%0.0%7,876
StrokerMcGavin [NDP]2,2441,91255.2%61.2%50,080
gunther_mt [ACES]2,029060.1%0.0%7,830
BenBooley [NDP]2,136055.8%0.0%6,955
kiyanis [NDP]1,958055.4%0.0%5,704
ThatOneGuy [NDP]1,892056.6%0.0%6,972
Raskolnikov38 [NDP]2,018055.7%0.0%15,229
Durend [NDP]1,915058.2%0.0%8,677
jelly2m8 [NDP]2,029060.5%0.0%9,201
crazedkid103 [NDP]1,868056.2%0.0%18,903
JuffoWup [NDP]1,873055.4%0.0%22,430
Rent249 [NDP]1,756058.2%0.0%8,685
Sanky_Panky [NDP]1,759058.2%0.0%6,221
Azuj23 [NDP]1,880053.6%0.0%8,629
AlmightyPants [NDP]1,665053.2%0.0%26,394
Fellwenner [NDP]1,631057.2%0.0%6,635
psychoandy [NDP]1,5831,21852.0%48.9%18,117
Razzle [NDP]1,549050.1%0.0%2,565
Ren_Nerd [NDP]1,334053.6%0.0%8,112
Ansith [NDP]1,284051.0%0.0%2,457
Weighted average2,22840357.3%13.0%14,023
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